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The future is Phygital...
The future is T3

The Leading African provider of Phygital credentials and skills' certification on Blockchain and Beyond

Phygital certificates, unfalsifiable credentials, and universally verifiable portfolio.

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Pioneer of Phygital, Leader
in the IoP Market

Printing and mailing credentials is now one process for us.

The world in which we live has already become a digital-physical hybrid in which distinguishing between the two is almost impossible for credential issuers, thus the creation of the IoP (internet of Papers) market.

To unify learnings’ journey, unveil new pathways to job markets and help credential issuers bring together a comprehensive credential management system with easy collaboration and credentialing solutions, T3 enable them to design, issue, share, store and verify all credentials not only in a digital format but also in an immutable physical one.

T3 provides for institutions, recruiters, managers, and collaboration groups a streamlined, secure and trusted process to create and manage phygital credentials, diplomas, and badges, and this by coupling our blockchain-backed platform, with our Beyond scanners and Phygital signature.

Blockchain-backed digital records

Digital certificates issued on blockchain and instantly verifiable anywhere in the world, via our platform.

Unforgeable Phygital signature

T3 credential encrypted with a unique signature which make it immutable transcending the digital asset to couple it with one unique physical credential.

Showcase your students, enhance your enrollments and engage your alumni

Because your diploma is much more than a paper

Coupling the underlying technology of blockchain, and the cutting-edge innovation of T3, you will get a whole range of Phygital features that will enable you to create customizable content, branding and most importantly enhance trust in your institution and bring it to a whole different level.

Provide your students with secure, easy-to-share, instantly verifiable and unforgeable Phygital credentials, and showcase them to the world.

T3 for professionals and companies

Upskill your human capital, improve your business results.

With T3, nothing is as fast as the speed of building trust with your future recruits and enhancing it with your current employees.

Our easily integrated digital credentialing platform helps corporations to verify an existing credential issued by an institution, track the learning curve of potential employees, and put the right people in the right positions.

On the other hand, it can be a way to empower the capabilities of current staff and provide highly desirable pathways for advancement via gamified learning experiences.

Once shared over social media and email signatures, your phygital reward will enhance the positioning of your company and bring its image to the next level.

T3, easy to use

Designing, creating and issuing your phygital credentials is no longer rocket science with the set of features
we are offering and the T3 technology we have developed to shortcut digital with physical.

Branding & White-labeling

You can issue your Phygital credentials from your domain with completely customizable branding and tailored experience.

Enhanced Design studio

Design your Phygital credential with one-stop shop design studio.

Blockchain-backed platform

Our blockchain-backed platform makes your digital credential authentic, secures your institutional identity and eliminates the possibility of mutability.

Analytics and reporting features

Our data-driven features and insights modules empowers your conversion funnels and strengthen your qualification processes.

Extensible to a variety of platforms

Integrate T3 platform easily with a variety of learning management systems, which gives you the mastery on your value chain delivery.

Innovative & Companies

The most innovative companies and institutions rely on T3 to issue their Phygital certificates
on blockchain and Beyond in a trusted, transparent and unforgeable way.